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Low Maintenance & Customer Friendly Decking Contractors

Are you on the lookout for the versatile and skilled decking service providers in Melbourne?

Well, you have come to the right place. 

Not many people know that their outdoor space is considered to be the extension of one’s home. A truly living area. Concrete Services Melbourne are expert decking Melbourne service providers that are specialized in installing, designing, and maintaining a huge range of composite decking solutions. 

Your property, needs, and ideas are unique. This is why we have a one-size fit approach to the best deck solutions. As one of the prominent deck builders, we tailor to long-lasting, unique, and composite decking solutions. 

Also, we are the premium deck installers in Melbourne and have been providing trusted advice, expertise, and custom decking fit-outs to you as well as your property. Unlike other decking service providers, we don’t simply construct. We work along with our customers to create decking solutions for their outdoors. Not only is it durable and attractive but also extremely functional too. 

Trustworthy Decking Melbourne Services Providers

Concrete Services Melbourne’s decking services are resistant to sun and water. Regardless of the climate, it will retain its original appearance year after year. We have multiple styles and colors in our decking composite range. This makes us your one-stop-shop for decking installation and supply. 

Just call us today to discuss regarding the outdoor projects. Our experts will be happy to assist you. 

Exceptional Design & Quality

At Concrete Services Melbourne, we take pride in ourselves over the attention to detail and the standard of finish. This sets us apart from our competitors. So, whether you have a small residential deck for replacing or a larger commercial project filled with various decks, no doubt, you can count on us. We are the company that provides the perfect deck right on time and budget. 

We are one of the specialized decking contractors for unique complex deck builds. So, whether it is a steeply sloping block, high rising apartment blocks in the city, waterfront properties needed access using the crane barges, we are a perfect choice. Not only that we have gained a huge amount of experience in building some of the complex decks in Melbourne. We are able to tackle all kinds of challenges. 

Building Your Latest New Deck

Keep in mind that building a deck is somewhat more than just adding on. Here it is all about creating some of the timeless beauty. Well, we strive to cater to ones that provide lasting value for your home. Also, this is the major reason why we listen closely to your deck design desires and ideas. 

Utilizing our in-depth years of experience, we will convert your dreams into the work of art. Our mission is to create decks that match seamlessly to the requirement of clients. We strive to enhance the architectural character of your homes. 

Composite Decking Melbourne Specialist

One of the popular choices in Melbourne is the composite decking. It is more famous than the timber decking. Following are the advantage of composite decking – 

  • Hidden fixing system. There will be no visible screws or nails, smooth finish, and flat to your deck. 
  • Very less maintenance. You would never have to paint, and there would be no oil or stain. This makes sure that there is stress-free outdoor maintenance. 
  • Quite easy to clean using water and hose. This makes it perfect for outdoor entertainers. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Most of the time, it is build using recycled materials.
  • There are various color combinations and styling options. So, it makes it easy for you to select the best options that are aesthetically for your home. 
  • Splinter free guaranteed. This will lower the chances of getting annoying splinter injuries that are caused by a timber deck. 

Awesome Decking Services We Provide

As one of the best decking contractors, there are two major decking services we provide – Timber Decking and Composite Decking.

Timber Decking

Long-lasting & Strikingly Amazing Decking Materials

As one of the experienced deck builders, we provide a wide range of natural timber products in Melbourne. Concrete Services Melbourne supplies as well as installs various species of natural hardwood timber decking. These are very much suitable for creating awesome commercial and residential decks. 

Our talented team has a huge amount of experience in providing high-quality timber decking services in Melbourne. Not only that our trusted professionals work along with you. They follow your design, and supply as well as install the best timber deck. This makes sure that you get the perfect outlook deck that suits your style as well as the budget. 

Timber decking Melbourne is the perfect and fantastic method for increasing the value as well as enjoyment you gain out of your home. For decades, timber is considered to be the original and natural decking material to be used. So, if you really want a natural and beautiful product for your deck, go ahead with timber. 

Merbau Timber Decking

Unlike other timber, Merbau timber is durable and highly resistant to termites. It is commonly suitable for outdoor use. In addition, it takes well to changes like staining, painting, and polishing. 

Spotted Gum Timber Decking

Just think of spotted gum as a hardwood valued for its durability and strength. This is commonly used and available in Australia. Mostly, it is suitable for outdoors like decking. 

Jarrah Timber Decking

Do you know Jarrah is naturally resistant to weather and rot? It makes the perfect decking for outdoor use.

Composite Decking

Enjoy Supreme & Luxurious Resort Style Living In Melbourne

Composite decking is a timber alternative combining wood chips and plastic. It is on an environmentally friendly board. Frankly, this has become one of Melbourne’s favorite decks for commercial and residential use. 

As one of the experienced composite decking contractors, our composite deck is similar to the prefinished timber flooring. So, it arrives as a finished product and never requires any kind of staining, sanding, and painting. The best and latest composite decking boards, as well as products, are created using a high-performance shell that is easily wrapped around the composite board. This protects it from various elements and making it resistant to fading, scratching, staining, and even mold. 

Eco-Friendly Deck Builders

Unlike the 100% plastic PVC decking, the composite timber decking that we provide is manufactured by combining the green principles. This is with the aim of preserving the environment for future generations. Plus the astounding certified composite timber we make is from recycled materials.

Best Composite Decking Installation Deck Builders

We are the certified decking Melbourne installers. Our team of experts makes it easy to install the best composite decking. Do you know that the composite timber decking products provided by Concrete Services Melbourne are installed using a hidden fastener system? This will make sure that a flawless finish is produced. Also, homeowners can easily relax knowing that the correct method of installation is used and even the results will be professional. 

Composite Decking Maintenance

Irrespective of the kind of decking you select for installation, you are bound to get surface dirt. But if you are using the composite decking, it is better you simply wash down the deck occasionally using brush and soap. 

So, if you drop something like drink or food on our composite deck, it is guaranteed not to get a stain. Our quality composite deck is free from the harmful effects of household chemicals, especially when cleaned within a week. 


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