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Experienced Fencing Contractors In Melbourne

Are you looking for the best fencing company in Melbourne? Well, look no further as Concrete Services Melbourne is a perfect choice. Serving both commercial and residential clients in Melbourne, we help in installing quality fences and gates. Our functional design provides privacy, security, and enhances the basic look of your property.

Awesome Fence Builders

Concrete Services Melbourne provides a full range of fencing services required for supplying and installing security fencing. We make sure that our fencing work is completed on time, and as per the quality standards and agreed pricing. 

Some of the full range of services consists of – 

  • Issuing quotes and costs to clients on time. These are included in your proposals and tenders.
  • Securing high-quality fencing materials from a reputed network of suppliers.
  • Consultation on build schedules. Providing fencing program that meets the client programs
  • Interpreting specifications and creating the fence design. Following the installation procedures that are specific to the requirements of the clients.
  • Working efficiently to provide and as per the client’s safety, quality, and environmental requirements.

Besides these aspects, we are one of the famous local fence companies providing various services related to fencings like repair, supply, and installation. 

Customized Design Fence Options

Concrete Services Melbourne provides great flexibility as fence installers. Whether your main goal is to improve your property’s appearance and enhancing its security, we are a perfect choice. We provide a range of options in selecting not only the beautiful designs but also good quality materials for your fencing. 

We make fences from timber, wood, PVC, vinyl, metal, steel, wrought iron, chainmesh, brushwood. Also, we make fences using the combination of all the materials. 

Advantages Of Our Fencing Services In Melbourne


Our customized fencing designs are quite flexible. Not only when it is related to fence specifications but even on its entirety too. Our builders will adapt your design using suitable fence materials. These will contain the required features that you want. 


Our customized fencing services provide superb design specifications. This helps in elevating the exterior of the commercial properties, housing units, buildings, etc. No doubt, this can be your property’s main visual component and give a distinctive character to your home as well as property. 


Our fencing services help property owners to combine many fencing materials or types. This helps to increase privacy without making it restricted and confining. Through custom privacy fences, you can provide privacy to homes along with maintaining the open feeling.

Wholesome Domestic Fencing Contractors

For many decades, Concrete Services Melbourne offers trustworthy domestic fencing services and customer-friendly fence builders. We are no doubt the most customer-friendly fencing contractors in Melbourne. Our expertise lies in the cyclone fencing. 

So, don’t just wait. Contact us now if you have any queries related to our mind-blowing domestic fencing services. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you with all kinds of domestic steel fencing queries.

Top-Notch Domestic Fencing Solutions

As an experienced fencing company, we provide the following domestic solutions - 

  • Tubular Steel Decorative Fencing
  • Chain Wire Fencing (which is also called as chain link fencing, chain or chained mesh fencing, diamond fencing, cyclone)
  • Swimming Pool Fencing
  • Tennis Court Fencing
  • Gates (automated and manually operated)
  • Welded Mesh Fencing
  • Handrails
  • Rail And Post Fencing

Residential Fence Builders

Concrete Services Melbourne is one of the trustworthy fencing contractors that not only install but also supplies residential fencing in Melbourne. Now if you are planning to do it by yourself, don’t worry. We will supply the required fences and fencing supplies as per your needs. 

We provide made-to-measure fencing solutions for residential fencing needs. No doubt, you can easily find the required and suitable fencing solutions at Concrete Services Melbourne. Do you know residential fencing is a big part of our business? 

With the required fencing experience, we have got more than a decade of experience in providing splendid fencing applications. Besides that, we can guarantee that our team of fence installers will find the required fencing solutions that are suitable for your needs. 

Industrial Fencing Solutions

We provide highly secured commercial and industrial fencing solutions in Melbourne. No doubt, you can always count on us to provide the best metal fences as well as friendly services. Our aim is to provide amazing commercial fencing and industrial fencing services that meet your needs. Well, this is something that we are proud of and that makes us one of the local fence companies. 

So, if you require good quality fences to protect your commercial or industrial properties, contact us. Get in touch with the experts in fencing solutions. 

Irrespective of whether you need welded mesh fence, chain link security fence, tubular steel fence, or other major kinds of boundary steel fence, simply contact our friendly team. We will be quite happy to assist you and provide more details regarding our commercial and industrial fencing services. 

Whether you are a small business owner or one that owns a multi-million dollar business, at Concrete Services Melbourne, we come up with solutions suiting all your fencing requirements. Workplace security is one of the major priorities. By installing reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting steel security fence, you are providing the safest environment for working. 

Plus, you are making sure that there aren’t any unauthorized access to your property or building sites. With our strong fencing solutions, unwanted intruders will remain behind the robust security fences. 

Security Fencing & Local Fence Company

We provide strong commercial and industry fencing solutions to the following places- 

  • Electric Substations
  • Prisons
  • Railway Yards
  • High-Security Facilities

Unique Install And Supply Fencing Services

If you are looking for efficient and convenient local fencing installation service, then Concrete Services Melbourne is a perfect choice. We supply and install the best quality gates for various ranges of applications. Having many years of experience in providing metal fencing, we have all the necessary things to make sure that the metal fences are suitable for your requirement. 

Are you looking for automated, manually operating gate, galvanized wire gate, sliding, security gates, etc? Just contact our friendly fencing team. They will be more than happy to provide awesome fencing solutions as per your requirements. 

Our Install & Supply Fencing Clients

  • Construction Companies
  • Building Owners
  • Home Builders
  • Local Councils and Municipalities
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Railways
  • Government Departments
  • Maintenance Companies
  • Sporting Clubs And Grounds

Top Quality & Premium Galvanized Chain Wire Supplier In Melbourne

If you want a long-lasting fencing solution for your building site or factory, then galvanize chain wire fencing is the best fencing contractors. We are the top fencing company in Australia that provides robust and good quality galvanized chain wire fences. 

Galvanized Coating

The most effective cost-effective coating option is the galvanized coating. Also, it is a durable solution for corrosion. Do you know that galvanized coating is commonly done on the internal partitions? 

Also, it is done on the perimeter fencing around building sites and factories. Galvanized wire gates and galvanized fences are the go-to for a robust and long-lasting metal fencing solutions. 

PVC Coating

Plastic coating or PVC coating is rapidly becoming popular options among various people. Its popularity is high among those that want a fence that survives in corrosive areas. We provide this optional service in green and black coating. No doubt, it will complement most of the surroundings and even blend with the environment.